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A trending broadcaster that has never scoped

This post is part of a series of blog posts on mistakes made by Periscope analytics programme developers. I do not intend to shame these websites or developers: I think they are doing a great job in helping us gain insights regarding our Periscope broadcasts. These blog posts are intended to help current and future developers […]

New on Periscope: balloon hearts!

When someone that’s watching a Periscope broadcast taps the screen, a stream of hearts appears on the right side of the screen. Periscope sometimes introduces ‘special hearts’. Around halloween there were bats, around the World Series there were baseballs. And now there’s a new one: balloons!

Why you should use Katch when you’re on Periscope

The free website Katch is super-helpful if you are broadcasting on Periscope. Using Katch you can save your Periscope broadcasts in the cloud. Within Periscope the replay of your broadcast will only be available for 24 hours for people to watch. Through Katch you can easily make your broadcasts available for longer periods of time. […]

Fullscope.tv for Periscope Analytics

Fullscope.tv is a website that analyses your Periscope audience. At the moment Fullscope.tv only supports live streaming via Periscope, but it will support other live streaming apps in the future as well. As Fullscope.tv says itself: Fullscope.tv™ is a complete analytics and marketing software that provides you the most detailed insights from your Periscope Broadcasts. (And other […]