How scopes and replays get removed from Periscope

Over the last weeks the broadcasts of scoper @DrZhana had disappeared from Periscope after they’d finished. Of course a scoper can take a replay down themselves, but that was not the case here. People asked Periscope why scopes had disappeared, and @PeriscopeHelp answered.

PeriscopeHelp’s explains

As @DrZhana shares with us in the broadcast below:

  • Periscope explains that they don’t have access to delete broadcasts
  • Periscope mentions that usually connection/device issues or service outages prevent replays from being saved.
  • When a broadcast gets flagged by a number of people, the system automatically takes the scope out of public view.

So concluding from the above: @DrZhana‘s scopes were either never saved properly to begin with or a number of people reported the scopes either during the live broadcast or during the replay, and the scopes were taken down automatically.

If I remember it correctly, the replays of @DrZhana‘s scopes had been in the app for some time, and then disappeared (within 24 hours). This would mean that a number of people will have reported the scope and it got taken down automatically.

Out of public view

With regard to “out of public view”: what does that mean exactly? Periscope has not clarified this.

Some people (including myself) have experienced they were in a broadcast, went out (for whatever reason) and were not able to get back in. I would see within the Periscope app that the person is live, but when I would then click on the broadcast to join it, I can’t get in and I get a notification that the broadcast has ended. The broadcast clearly had not ended, yet I was not able to join. Disclaimer: I am not sure if this is what’s meant by “out of public view”.

Power to the trolls

Of course if people think a particular scope violates the Periscope Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines they should report that particular scope. However, the fact that Periscope has a system that automatically takes down scopes that are reported is problematic.

This system gives a lot of power to trolls, people that join scopes just to be annoying and to elicit a response from the broadcaster and/or the viewers. They can go about blocking whichever scope they want, and if a number of trolls do so, the scope will be removed from public view.

Moreover, what if a person just does not like you, or disagrees with what you are saying? If they have different political or religious views? They can just report your scope, and if a number of people do the same, your scope gets removed from public view.

So basically, even if your scope is not (possibly) violating the Periscope Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines, it can be taken down automatically.

Scan before you ban!

A solution would be that if a scope gets flagged by a certain number of people, Periscope has a look at it to see if it violates their Terms of Service or their Community Guidelines or not. If needed, they can then take appropriate action.

In the meantime: if you don’t like what someone is saying or doing on Periscope, remember that you don’t have to wacht it: you are free to leave that scope :-)