Katch will shut down – what does this mean for you?

I am so sad right now. Katch, the great great great app that helped us record and repurpose our Periscope broadcasts, will shut down.

Some important dates:

  • April 22nd 2016: last day you can use Katch.me as you were used.
  • May 4th 2016: definite closure of Katch.me. Make sure to download your Katch videos before that date!

What does this mean to you?

  • You will have to find other ways to save your broadcasts from now on. Check out fullscope.tv for this.
  • You have to make sure to save your videos from Katch before May 4th 2016. There are two ways to do so, which I will explain below.
  • If you have embedded Katch videos on your website or blog posts, make sure to replace them with, for example, the YouTube video of that same broadcast.

Katch.me logo

How to save your Katch videos

From inside your Katch account you will have two options to save your videos.

  1. You can download your entire archive as mpegs, and the comments as a csv file.
  2. You can connect your account to YouTube, so you can upload your videos from Katch to your YouTube account. They will be uploaded as ‘unlisted’. Your private videos will upload as ‘private’.

This is what Katch themselves say about the saving of your videos (on their Medium post):

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.03.06

There are some caveats to the downloading process, according to Katch: “We can’t transfer the comments to YouTube (sorry 😞), but downloaded video archives will include comments in a text file. YouTube’s Content ID system may flag some of your video’s audio tracks. And a small percentage of your videos will not import properly with YouTube’s transcoding algorithms and they simply will not transfer.” The continue to say “[s]o while our migration process isn’t perfect, the good news is that your archive doesn’t have to disappear forever if you don’t want it to.”

Why does Katch have to close down?

Katch started from a hackday, and is a venture backed company. It means they were given money, needed to grow and then needed to find more money. As Tarik (CEO of Katch) explained in their livestream broadcast about the closure of Katch, they did indeed grow a lot, but they weren’t able to compete against the big guys in finding new money.

Read more about the shutting down of Katch here, on their own Medium post about it: