Katch.me is a free tool that can be used in combination with live broadcasting apps like Periscope. Katch gives everyone the ability to record, archive and publish their livestreams with one tweet. Katch saves your Periscope broadcasts to the cloud. After you’ve finished your broadcast, your Katch replay of it is available within minutes for you and others to watch. Below I share some of the benefits of Katch.

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Broadcasts available for longer periods of time

Within Periscope the replay of your broadcasts is only available for 24 hours for people to watch. Through Katch you can easily make your broadcasts available for as long as you wish.


Each video shows some basic statistics, like the number of viewers and the number of ‘hearts’ given during the broadcast.

Privacy control

You have total control over the settings of your broadcasts. It is very easy to make a broadcast ‘private’ for some time (or forever), and just as easy to make it public again if you wish to do so.

Fast forward / rewind

Even before this was possible within Periscope itself, Katch offered the opportunity to scrub forward/backward when watching a replay. This allows you to skip boring introduction parts of a broadcast for example, or to rewatch an interesting part.

Easily respond to comments

When watching a replay within Katch the comments people gave during the live broadcast show up on the screen during the replay or can be switched off if you prefer to watch the replay without them. It is also possible to only see a list of the comments.

With each comment the username of the commenter is shown. The username is clickable and leads to the person’s Twitter-profile. You can then easily start to follow the person on Twitter or send a message to them.

Easy sharing

It is very easy to share Katch videos via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit.

Embed and Download your videos

Katch provides you with the HTML code to embed your videos on your own website. You can also download your videos for easy uploading to YouTube afterwards.