Woohoo there’s another lovely Katch update out! On top of sharing information on the new feature (see below) the Katch team shared some great news during their recent broadcast: there will be a #KatchPicks app in 2016!

Trending Feed

Katch now shows a Trending Feed on its homepage helping viewers discover great content. This is how Katch decides what videos will be shared in the Trending Feed, in their own words:

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The Trending Feed features 3 different types of video:


A video can become Trending if it has had at least a couple of hundred viewers on Katch itself.


Influencers are notable broadcasters on Periscope or Meerkat. They are often (but not necessarily) verified Twitter users.

Katch Pick

Katch Picks are videos that are selected and curated by Katch staff members.

Below the videos of ‘Today’s Videos’ a selection of Featured Creators can be found. The selection is larger than the four that are visible at one time: they rotate. Whereas the video feed is refreshed daily, Katch says about the Featured Creators that it is being refreshed “every once in a while”. People that are shown in this section are, according to Katch “extra-special Katch users (…) that consistently create good content that we want to share with all of our users.”

How to become one of the #Katchpicks

In its recent newsletter, Katch explains what you can do to see your own video on the Katch.me homepage: either use #katchpicks in a tweet or send a tweet to @katchHQ. The team promises to take a look!

How to become a Featured Creator

The Katch staff team has mentioned that if you are interested in being a Featured Creator, you should reach out to them (they are very responsive on Twitter, so you might just want to send a tweet to @KatchHQ). They mention though that “we don’t give that away to everyone. (…) We are looking for creators that consistently create good content that we want to share with all of our users.”

To see my Periscope broadcast about these new Katch features, look me up in your Periscope app: @welmoedverhagen!