YES! It’s finally here: RSS feeds for Periscope.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (don’t worry, you don’t need to understand what that means to be able to use it!). Imagine this: you have several websites you regularly visit in order to get the latest information on a specific topic (e.g. marketing, web design, your favourite hobby etc.). It would cost a lot of time to visit all these websites and check them to see if there is anything new for you to read. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there would be a website/app that would check all your favourite sites for you and would let you know what new information is on them? And all of that in just one place, so that you don’t need to visit all the separate sites all the time?

Such websites/apps exist! They’re called RSS readers.

It works like this:

  1. You sign up for an RSS reader. I recommend Feedly (, but there are many other ones out there.
  2. Tell your RSS reader which websites it needs to check for you to see if there are new posts on it.
  3. Go to Feedly and see all the posts from the websites you chose, all in one place!


Periscope RSS Feed

On October 20th 2015 Katch launched RSS feeds for Periscope accounts! It is now possible to add Katch-profiles to your RSS reader. This means that you can now tell your RSS reader to look at a person’s Katch profile to see if there are any new scopes there, and if there is a new one, to show that scope within your RSS reader account.

So now you can add all the profiles of your favorite scopers to your RSS reader. This is very helpful, because this allows you to see all scopes of all your favorite scopers in one place!

How to add Periscope broadcasters to your RSS reader

  1. Go to of the person whose scopes you would like to add to your RSS reader.
  2. If you see any scopes, the person seems to be using Katch: good news!
  3. Add /rss at the end of the url, so you’ll get this: So for my profile it would be Click enter.

Katch RSS feed

  1. You should now see a page full of HTML-code.
    Again, don’t worry, you don’t need to understand nor do anything with this :-)
  2. Copy the url (
  3. Go to your RSS reader
  4. Add the url to your RSS reader. How to do this exactly depends on your RSS reader.
  5. It might be helpful to make a category/collection within your RSS reader specifically for Periscope broadcasts (or even for specific subgroups of broadcasters, eg broadcasters that scope on health, marketing, show lovely views of their countries etc).
  6. Want to see what new broadcasts are there? Click on the Periscope category within your RSS reader to see all the latest broadcasts from the scopers you added.

Of course you will only be able to see broadcasts that are already finished. Katch only stores finished broadcasts, not live ones, and since Katch is the one providing the RSS feeds, you’ll only see finished broadcasts in your RSS feed.

Some remarks

  • you can only use this for scopers that use Katch to save their broadcasts
  • you can only see public Katch broadcasts. If a scoper changes the settings for a specific broadcast from public to private, that broadcast will be removed from the RSS reader.
  • And of course you will only be able to see broadcasts after they are finished.

How could the Periscope RSS feed be used?

  • Say you’ve been away for a day (or a week, or two, on holiday) and you’d like to see what your favourite scopers have been broadcasting while you were away: just check your RSS reader!
  • You can link to your own RSS feed on your website or blog, so readers can subscribe to your Katch profile using their RSS reader. They will then see your broadcasts within their RSS reader.
  • You can automatically add your broadcasts to your blog. If you’re using WordPress for example, you can use a plugin (eg FeedWordPress, WP RSS Aggregator) to place links or the Katch embeds directly onto your blog.
  • RSS feeds can be used within Hootsuite for example to schedule social media updates linking to your latest broadcast within Katch.

Here is de Periscope broadcast I did on this new feature:

Small remark: This scope is a bit long, but the beginning bit has all the major information in it. After a while, I start looking into the possibilities of using the RSS feeds, interacting with other early adopters, testing stuff etc. Feel free to watch the whole scope if you want to :-)

Source: thanks to James Winsoar ( who was the first to break the news on this new feature! And of course thanks to Katch for providing the RSS feeds! And a thank you as well to the early adopters in this scope who were there to think/play along with this new feature!

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