This post is part of a series of blog posts on mistakes made by Periscope analytics programme developers. I do not intend to shame these websites or developers: I think they are doing a great job in helping us gain insights regarding our Periscope broadcasts. These blog posts are intended to help current and future developers improve their products, so that we will all have better insights into our Periscope statistics. lists what it calls ‘trending broadcasters’. It is not clearly stated on their website what it considers to be ‘trending broadcasters’. Of course the word ‘broadcasters’ seems to imply that the list contains people that have been broadcasting. Yet, I found people on the list that most likely have not done a single broadcast yet!

Look at the list below: at the bottom you see ‘happybirthdaytv’ with 0 hearts.

Perirank Trending Broadcasters

Screenshot from on 13 November 2015

Now it’s not actually possible to have zero hearts on Periscope (everyone starts with one heart), so maybe the zero implies they haven’t gotten any extra hearts since they joined Perirank. Now let’s look at their Periscope profile:

Periscope Happy Birthday TV

Screenshot from on 13 November 2015

As you can see: they indeed only have one heart, which indicates they have probably not done any broadcasts yet (or, which is highly unlikely, they did one and didn’t get any hearts). Moreover, the screenshot shows they have not done any broadcasts in the last 24 hours.

So what we have here is a person that has not done a scope in the last 24 hours (and has most likely never done a single scope), yet the person is on the Trending Broadcaster list!