Fullscope.tv for Periscope Analytics

Fullscope.tv is a website that analyses your Periscope audience. At the moment Fullscope.tv only supports live streaming via Periscope, but it will support other live streaming apps in the future as well. As Fullscope.tv says itself:

Fullscope.tv is a complete analytics and marketing software that provides you the most detailed insights from your Periscope Broadcasts. (And other live stream applications)

The current version of Fullscope.tv is a beta version, meaning that not all options are there yet and not all of the ones that are there are working totally fine. That’s OK though, I love exploring new things and letting you know how it works :-)

See my scope below for a first view of what Fullscope.tv has to offer (looking at the Broadcasts tab). Another one will follow soon!

Want to sign up for the beta version of Fullscope.tv yourself as well? Go to fullscope.tv!

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