When someone that’s watching a Periscope broadcast taps the screen, a stream of hearts appears on the right side of the screen. Periscope sometimes introduces ‘special hearts’. Around halloween there were bats, around the World Series there were baseballs. And now there’s a new one: balloons!

Periscope Balloon Hearts
All you have to do is type #birthday in the title of your scope before you start broadcasting. Then, when people tap the screen for hearts during your broadcast, hearts and balloons will appear :-) They’re a little bit hard to see sometimes, since the balloon’s shapes are rather similar to the hearts, but if you look closely you’ll see them for sure!

This feature is right in time for my business birthday, which is in 2 days :-)

Please know that if you watch a Periscope broadcast on the web, you will just see hearts, no balloons.

Thanks to @H0wardC for the tip on this new feature!

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