At the Twitter Flight Conference that took place in San Francisco on 21 October 2015 Kayvon Beykpour, the founder of Periscope, announced 3 new Periscope features.

3 New Features

Press & Hold

In replays you can use the “Press&Hold” button. You can use this to scrub forward if you want to skip a piece of a broadcast that is less interesting for you, for example a long intro piece in which the broadcaster welcomes everyone before getting down to the heart of the matter.

Replays on the map

The map within the Periscope app used to only show live broadcasts (red dots on the map). In the future it will also show replays of scopes from the last 24 hours. These will be shown as blue dots.

Screenshot of new Periscope map with live streams and replays

Screenshot of the new Periscope map with live streams (red) and replays (blue).

Teleport Button

People have been speculating about this new button, after Periscope designer Tyler Hanses tweeted about it:

Periscope Teleport Button

Many people thought it would be similar to the Cameo feature within Meerkat (an app similar to Periscope), which would allow other people to ‘take over’ someone’s broadcast for some time to add their view to what’s being said/shown. Unfortunately, this was not the case…

The new button can be used to ‘teleport’ yourself to a random place in the world and to a random live broadcast.

Truth & Empathy

Periscope’s founder Kayvon Beykpour mentioned that they want Periscope to be a platform for truth (everything you see is happening real time) and empathy (connecting you with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet). In this light the new features, especially the last two, make a lot of sense to me: both the map with replays and the Teleport Button help you discover new broadcasters and connecting you with people you don’t know yet.

One more new feature!

After Kayvon Beykpour announced the above mentioned three new features, Engineering Lead Sara Haider spoke about how the Periscope app is being developed and tested. As part of this, she mentioned that Periscope uses “Digits”. People can sign up to Periscope using their Twitter account or their phone number. Since clearly there is no link to these people’s Twitter accounts (and thus to their existing connections), it’s harder for these people to find their friends and others on Periscope. In the future Periscope will use “Contact Book Synch” to help these people find their friends and others on Periscope much easier.

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