With Halloween coming up, Periscope released a new feature: in the stream of hearts you will now see bats going up the screen as well!

People that are watching your scope and tap the screen, will not only ‘produce’ hearts now, but also bats! Supercute!

Bats on Periscope

How do you get the bats?

As a broadcaster all you have to do is put #halloween in the title of your scope, that’s it!

Now people watching your scope can tap the screen as they would normally do for hearts, and the bats will appear :-)

Not all the taps will result in bats, there are still hearts too. It seems to be random if a tap turns into a heart or into a bat, with overall more hearts than bats.

Something a bit odd: you can only see the bats when watching a scope or replay on a phone/tablet, and not when watching a scope or replay on the web (via periscope.tv/welmoedverhagen for example).

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Shout out to Lean Green Girl (periscope.tv/leangreengirl). She did a scope that notified me of the halloween-bats :-)